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Chang huadian unit held the annual work summary and commendation congress in 2013

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On January 25, 2014 in the afternoon, Chang huadian unit 2013 annual work summary and commendation congress meeting room on the second floor in the company, all employees attend the meeting, the meeting for the individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the company for a year and give employees handed out difficulties subsidy, the company's financial director wong ping for financial report, trade union chairman and deputy general manager sheng-li li for trade union work status report for one year.In the end, the company general manager LingDingHua year-end summary report on the work, points out that in 2013 the company completed the set at the beginning of each work target, and will continue to work hard, with all the colleagues completed 2014 new work target, realize the steady and fast development of the company.



Company staff to attend the meeting

Wang Yazhong chairman Chen peony, deputy general manager, trade union chairman, sheng-li li, deputy general manager, production factory director Dai Guozhong, director of the office of Cheng Liang gave birth to attend the meeting

Accounting wong ping for the annual financial report of the company


Trade union chairman, vice general manager of sheng-li li union annual work summary

Zhao-yang wu, Zheng Xiu buds and Cheng Zenglin, Hu Xianrong, Wang Lifang, weeks Ma Qin 6 people attain union difficult allowance, etc

Advanced employee representatives Cheng Hui speech

Company general manager LingDingHua company year-end summary