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Congratulations to my company website is launched!

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Congratulations to my company website is launched!
Huangshan city Chang hua electronics co., LTD. Was established in 1998, after 10 years of steady development, has now become the domestic well-known brand companies.The company covers an area of 8000 square meters, total assets of 32 million yuan.
Company is the "China electrical equipment industry association member units", "national high-tech enterprise", "private technology enterprises in anhui province", "high-tech industrial base backbone enterprises in anhui province", through the "ISO9001 quality certification.
Company research and development of "environmental protection materials in large power rectifier bridge group" by national ministry of science and technology and other four ministries identified as "national key new product", the huangshan city in anhui province high and new technology products, the third prize of science and technology, the company has 13 national patents, of which 1 invention patents.
Company "Chang China" brand trademark was awarded anhui famous trademark, huangshan city famous trademark, "Chang China" brand products are rated as brand-name products in anhui province, the company was named national tax, tax bureau in anhui province "a-class tax credit enterprise", is A good faith enterprise in anhui province, "huangshan city bank credit credit enterprise".Company for many times, "guard contract, heavy credit" enterprise, "the good faith tax advanced enterprises", "outstanding private enterprises" honor.
Company production of "Chang China" brand products are: large power rectifier bridge series, small power rectifier bridge group series, module series, plate series, brushless motor series, series of solid state relay and so on six big series more than 100 varieties.
Company in chengdu, Shanghai, guangzhou, mastery of resident offices, products sold throughout the country, and exported to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries.
Welcome to visit the company's web you have any question, welcome to contact us at any time!
Telephone: 0559-4519690 0559-4526888 0559-2551123
Fax: 0559-4507690 0559-2553123
Address: huangshan city in anhui province qimen county chengdong industrial park on the 18th